Fashion for Peace does it for youth

SANCOC in partnership with GDARD
February 21, 2017

Fashion for Peace does it for youth

A certain group of creative artists under multi-talented organization, Fashion for Peace, are managing to find their way up through entrenuership.

Founded by Johnny Muteba, the aim is to advocate for change and freedom amongst the youth within African societies through fashion. One of the missions of the project is to unite Africans through fashion and art to further skills in different aspects of life.

Fashion for Peace hosted renowned fashion shows such as Africa Day Fashion Show and Africa Migration Show that have seen a new crop of artists taking charge of their destiny. One pluck from Fashion of Peace is model turned entrepreneur Tsebo Kotlolo.

The 26 year old woman’ who has been on the ramp for the last six years, commenced as a model before acquiring skills in film and television production then later entrepreneurship.

“My involvement started as a model and branched into film production, actress and later became project manager within Fashion for Peace.

It was a platform for me to launch my career in the entertainment industry. I was able to meet people from different backgrounds as far as Ghana, Congo and Nigeria,

said Kotlolo.

“A lot of youth are disadvantaged, so this platform helps youth like me, they discovered myself to find my feet in a competitive environment,” she added.

In 2013, Kotlolo founded Flutter mobile saloon that caters for people in the comfort of their homes. Three years down the line, she still strives for more success.

When l was given an opportunity to be a project manager at Fashion for Peace I grabbed the opportunity and learnt a lot of skills, because these days you can’t sit on one thing. I now know film production,
editing, script writing, and photography,.

According to her experiences, fashion has evolved much that it needs to accommodate more than just designers.

“Modelling opened doors for me because you get self confidence that has helped me a lot to network. I have been doing modeling consultation and would like to have own agency in the future,” she concluded.

Johannesburg has been the hub for fashion enthusiastics with several African cultures bringing their own fashion styles. This has opened doors for organizations such as Fashion for Peace to learn and grow the skills of the local youth.

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