What we do?

Community Development Projects

Our role is to conceptualise creative ideas and develope them into physical resources that help all children and communities with play areas and learning tools they requires. Besides fighting the gas emissions, community parks form part of the national social cohesion as residents can relax and re-energise their spirit.

They actively portray the daily lives of communities; it’s a mirror of our societies. Parks have been at the heart of communities at large where meetings, exhibitions, weddings, picnics, sport activities, parties’ concerts and photographic locations takes centre stage.

Why should we all get involved?

Great potential to revamp these green heavens lies in our hands with job opportunities in the parks, sharp minds to be invented in the parks, talents to be identified in the same parks
Join and support us to create community facilities where the children can safely play to their hearts content and the youth can enjoy a tranquil environment and immerse themselves in constructive conversations

Public Relations & Personality Development

Storyboard offers a versatile experienced media team in identifying key publics and establishing strategies for building and maintaining mutually beneficial relations with those publics. We deliver solutions based on
Our PR department has successfully worked with several established personalities in the public and media domain. Great conversationalists are offered to network with at the highest level of social discussions.

Marketing and Media Design Consulting

In line with our consulting services, we work closely with our clients through a well-structured strategic process to understand their specific business objectives and then translate that into a specific marketing goal that works specifically for them. With internal frameworks in place we achieve cost-effective marketing campaigns for our clients to achieve short-term wins, whilst working towards the ultimate longterm goal through relevant messaging and story telling to thier target audience.

Why people choose us?

We are committed to inspiring and creating a new generation to be proudly Africans and to live happily in harmony
in an environment that is safe, productive and mutually rewarding to all walks of life.

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